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Whether you are an individual, a startup or an existing small business the process for building a new website should always follow a set of procedures. Initially there needs to be a collaborative process between the designer (me) and the client (you). This ensures that when designing your website, I am building exactly the website you require and the site will meet your goals for it.

A website shouldn't just look pretty, it should serve a purpose, whatever that may be.

My Web Design Process


Define Targets / Requirements Gathering:

My initial starting point with any new website is to fully understand your business and what your requirements for the website are, in as much detail as possible.

We will either meet in person or talk over the phone to determine exactly what the aim of your website is, and to do this, I have a set of approximately 50 questions that I ask any new client. The answers to these questions should help me to better understand and define how you need the website to function, it's target audiences, any suggested colour schemes and layouts and any specific required pages or components for the website to contain.

At this juncture we will determine whether you need a WordPress 'self-managed' website or a completely bespoke website build. This will allow me to quote for designing and building your website so that it fulfills your all requirements and expectations.


Outline Design Plan and Quote:

Once the website targets, requirements and expectations have been determined, I will come up with a design for the site, whether that be a Photoshop PSD, using ideas suggested by the client in the previous meeting or by choosing a WordPress theme. If required, I can build a wireframe of the website so I can visually explain and discuss the layout with you before any actual designs are built but this will be an additional cost added to the build.

During this stage, I will come to you for any feedback and approval in signing off this part of the website design process. Your feedback during the design phase is extremely important as it will be used to make amendments to the layout and design before I actually start the development and build of your website.

Once/if the design is approved, I will then provide a quote for the works involved and a project scope document detailing how I will achieve this design, which technologies I will use, along with an expected timeframe to complete the build. To proceed with the build, these documents must be signed and returned to me.


Build, Refine & Train:

If the quote and project scope is agreed and accepted, I will proceed to start work to complete the website build in the timescale promised. If you do not own your own domain name or do not already have any hosting set-up then don't worry, I can help you to sort this out. I will continue to keep you updated during the website build to ensure it is meeting your expectations and to resolve any issues before the site goes live on the web.

All websites will be built and tested for mobile and tablet responsiveness to ensure it can be viewed by the biggest audience possible and all sites are built using the latest Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and jQuery. Additionally all websites will be tested to work in the latest browser versions for IE (Internet Explorer), Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. There are limits on how far back I will build the websites for testing on older browsers - see the terms and conditions page for further details on this.

If you decide to go down the route of a WordPress website build, I will provide full instructions or one-on-one training (if needed for an additional cost) on how you can keep your website maintained yourself.


Optional Maintenance:

Once the website is built and live, I can offer to help with any optional post-build maintenance issues. For example, If you find you do not have the time to upload new content to your website, or you need new sections or pages added to your site? - I can help to do this!. Do you need your website backed up regularly? - I can help with this also!.

Payment Stages


Initial Deposit:

Non refundable deposit of 20% of the quote is payable to cover any initial first meeting and any design work or investigation undertaken in the interim up to approval of the design. No design work or investigation will commence before this payment is cleared in Jason Coman’s Bank account.


Upon Design Approval:

Non refundable deposit of 30% of the quote is payable once the design has been approved and the build is to start. No web-design build work will commence before this payment is cleared in Jason Coman’s Bank account.


Upon Website Build Completion and before go-live:

Before the website goes live, a Non refundable deposit of 50% of the quote is payable to cover the remaining costs. The website will not be pushed live before this payment is cleared in Jason Coman’s Bank account.