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What Are Static Websites?

All Static Websites are built offline using HTML and CSS and do not have a back-end database. They can be designed as a one-page scrollable website, or can be built with multiple pages. Basically they can be built as complex or as simple as needed to suit your business requirements.

Primarily static websites are ideal for small businesses or individuals who are not looking to update, remove or add content on the site very regularly, if at all.

Static Websites can be updated if you know HTML and CSS, however this is generally something that is left to the website designer. Therefore you may need to budget for future updates if this is the route you choose. If you require a blog for your website, a website built on a CMS such as WordPress is recommended.

One Page Static Websites

One page website designs (or pageless designs as they are also known) are currently very popular in the web community, particularly with the advancement in broadband speeds and they are an excellent solution for many different types of websites. They can also be quicker and cheaper to build than multi page websites, therefore they can be a good choice for small businesses with little content to add to the site.

Single page sites immerse the user in a simple linear experience. There’s a clear beginning, middle, and end. In fact, the scrolling nature of single-page sites makes them well suited for mobile users.

Although not an ideal solution for all websites, you can use a one-page website design for building any of the following types of sites: A small business website, a landing Page, an online portfolio or even a single product E-Commerce website, to name but a few.

Also, single page websites are ideal for selling one product or service (such as an app, or a new book), to act as an online brochure or for launching a new product, or when you want to tell a visual narrative story. If you are looking to optimise your site for SEO (search engine optimisation) I would recommend the 'multiple page' static website design route instead.

This is a great site to see some fantastic examples of one-page websites (not ones i've built, I might add!):
One Page Love Website

Multiple Page Static Websites

A complex multiple page static website is more suited to corporate small businesses who have a lot of departments, or a broad range of product lines or services for sale. A lot of times, many multiple page static websites will have pages for 'about us', 'contact us', 'latest news', 'news archives' and 'product details'.

I would suggest using a multiple page website for content heavy websites, corporate websites, service portfolios, community websites and social media sites.