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What Are WordPress Websites?

Currently WordPress powers nearly 26% of all websites on the internet. All WordPress websites are built using a CMS (Content Management System) and are ideal for websites where the content will be updated on a regular basis, which makes them the sites of choice when building blogs.

WordPress sites can be built as single page or multiple page designs and the suggestions for which to choose for your business can be found here.

Another major benefit for WordPress sites is the sheer vast number of themes to choose to base your new website around and most of these themes are built with responsiveness for mobile and tablet users in mind. This makes the Website build less time consuming and less costly. WordPress is search engine friendly so any SEO you require for your website can be set-up easier using WordPress.

The main benefit with using WordPress is that it allows you to add/amend or update your own content on the website as you require and basically manage your website from a user-friendly interface. You can make many changes to your website from an 'admin' area which is easy to understand.

Here are a list of big name companies that currently use WordPress for their websites.

  • Sony Music
  • BBC America
  • The New Yorker
  • Beyonce
  • MTV News
  • CNN
  • UPS
  • Ebay
  • Reuters