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Client:Systematic Energy

Date:March 2017

Type:Complete Website Re-Design


Adobe XD Design: Jason Coman

Programming and Build: Jason Coman

Systematic Energy approached with a requirement to redesign their website to make it much more user friendly for navigation and look.

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Step 01:

Diagnosis Of The Client's Requirements

Through a number of face-to-face meetings with the client, their specific requirements and goals for the website to meet were established. These included:

  • Creating a new look and structure for the whole website, adding new sections, pages and removing others no longer needed.
  • Setting up static sections for the website, but having a content section that the client could manually update as required.
  • Ensure the website is fully mobile responsive.
  • Fully train the existing administrators how to update and maintain the website content.
Step 02:


Now the clients exact requirements were determined, an Adobe XD mock-up design of the new home page layout and design was created to allow the client to visualise the final outcome before coding started. Once the design was agreed, the functionality of the website was determined to ensure that their customers got the most out of the website. Over the next two weeks the new home page for the website was built using the XD design and comments regarding the functionality of the site. During the design build, the client was kept in the loop as to how the website was progressing on a regular basis. This was to ensure that the website was still meeting expectations and that the requirements hadn't changed from the original specification. Once the website was built, it was fully tested in desktop and mobile devices to ensure all was correct. Once the client was happy with the website, the new home page was activated live.

Step 03:


The client was extremely happy with the new home page design once finished. Here is their testimonial:

"Jason has carried out work on my website, This covered a rebuild in format and layout using wordpress. Having briefed Jason on the ideas and requirements, the revisions took place and produced the results as briefed. Jason also worked on Castle Point Bowls Club. His work followed a ​briefing to freshen up and improve layout ​ This work has also been completed very well and makes the web site easier for the user and provides information clearly. ​ I am happy to provide a recommendation for Jason's skills and capabilities"