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What am I Good At?

Front-End Web Design

I can make your website look exactly how you desire using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and Wordpress CMS.

Back-End Web Development

I can make your website behave exactly how you expect it to and give your users a clean and functional user experience, using technologies such as PHP, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX and JSON.

Database Optimisation

I can ensure your website is running as fast and optimal as possible using T-SQL and mySQL query languages.

Website Mobile Optimisation

I can ensure that your website is optimised for viewing on mobile and tablet devices for a smooth user experience, by using CSS media queries and Twitter Bootstrap.

Website Disability Accessibility

I can make sure any disabled users of your website have an easy and functional user experience.

IT Consultancy

Having nearly two decades of experience in the IT industry at a software level, i can provide reliable IT consultancy advice where required.

My Web Design History

Programming has been in my blood since i was very small and while other kids were out enjoying themselves as teenagers, i was programming BASIC games on my BBC Micro and Atari ST.

I've been coding since high school and i'm very lucky to be getting paid to do something i truly love. Programming, and the internet in particular, has changed a lot since i first started coding back in the 1990's, and as a result, in this industry you need to keep on top of all new technologies. Fortunately i love learning and task myself to learn something new every day.

What I really love is tackling something no one else knows how to do, or maybe no one has ever tried to do. That's the most magical thing of all, figuring out how to write a program to do something totally unique, or even seemingly impossible. Even today, i still love the art of debugging, especially figuring out problems with almost no information and learning a new way to achieve a result or overcome an obstacle.

I started off coding in BASIC back in the 1980's, then took a City and Guilds course in C++, which gave me an introduction to object oriented programming. I've always been interested in how a whole website is constructed and how all the pieces of technology that make up a website work together and, in conjunction, come together and produce websites that we know today. As a result, my design knowledge covers front-end design languages such as HTML and CSS, back-end languages such as PHP, behavioural languages such as Javascript and jQuery and backend database languages such as T-SQL and mySQL.

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