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Who am I?

I'm Jason, a highly motivated web site designer based in Essex with almost two decades of experience in IT maintenance and web design. In the past i've worked with individuals, established smaller businesses as well as smaller start-ups to build affordable, professional quality, user-friendly and responsive websites tailored to their business goals and objectives.

What can I do for you?

I can design, develop and deliver the website you or your business requires.

Whether you are an individual, a startup or an existing small business your identity is key and having an online presence is crucial to this. Indeed, this web presence needs to reflect your business, look professional, provide easy accessibility to all potential users and display correctly on tablet devices, mobile phones and desktop computers equally.

Are you a start-up, not-for-profit, home-based or even small business?. You probably think you can't afford a professionally designed custom website. I can provide bespoke website design and WordPress website designs to meet even the smallest of budgets to help you establish your niche in the market place. Whether you require a single page static website, a Wordpress template website or a large scale custom build static website with multiple pages, I can help build your website to reach its full potential.

I'm always a fan of a good challenge, and for every project I have worked on, my focus has always been on creating the best user experience possible. I'm both a designer and a developer which means that I take charge of the entire project process, from design (the look of the site), through the development (the functionality of the site), to final testing and roll-out. I'm what in the business they call 'full-stack'.

Check out the services I offer, the processes that I follow when working on projects, my experience and my past work and then if you're still interested, contact me so we can discuss your project.

So what do I know?
What skills do i possess?

Microsoft Excel

What Web Design Services Do I Offer?

I offer a number of services which cover many scenarios but these can be tailored to suit your project requirements.

Website Design and Development

Do you require a new website?. I can recommend the options to best suit your business, whether that be a custom bespoke design or using a WordPress theme.

Existing Website Amendment

Do you require amendments to an existing website, whether that be content or structure?. Is your existing website looking outdated?.

Website Mobile Optimisation

Is your website displaying correctly on mobile and tablet devices?. I can assist amending your existing website to be mobile and tablet responsive.

Website Accessibility

Is your existing website tailored for accessibility for people with disabilities?.
Can people with disabilities perceive, understand, navigate and interact with your website correctly?.

IT Consultancy

With almost two decades of experience in the I.T industry i can provide any advice you require.

Logo Design

Need a new logo for your business?.

PSD to Website Build

Do you already have a design for your website in PSD or PDF format (or even as a sketch in a notepad) but don't have the time or knowledge to turn this design into a fully functioning website?. This is where i can help!. I can take your design and convert it into the fully-functioning website you require.

Agency Freelance Work

Who wouldn't like additional pair of hands from time to time right?.
Are you an agency with multiple projects on-the-go and not enough staff to complete them all?. Or maybe a skillset is missing from your staff?.
I can work as a remote member of your team to complete projects and provide support when you need it most.

Work and Experience

  • Current

    2018 - Present

    Web Developer - Hood Group

    Web developer implementing changes to their insurance sales websites using their custom built SIAAS system, integrating HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, VueJS JavaScript and jQuery.

  • Current

    2016 - Present

    Freelance Full Stack Web Developer
  • 2 Years


    Lead Developer, Digital Pie

    Worked as lead developer overseeing Website implementations and development.

  • 2 Years


    Web Developer, London South East

    Held the position of web designer for implementations and amendments to their existing stocks and shares web application.

  • 13 Years


    IT Systems Controller, Contacta Systems
  • See further details about my work and experience on my LinkedIn Page

Education and Training

  • 7 Years

    1986 - 1993

    Southend High School For Boys
  • I have completed many certification courses on LinkedIn Learning. See further details about my education and training on my LinkedIn Page

Here is a small list of some of the recent web design projects I have helped in bringing to life and are now 'in the wild' on the web.
Click on any image to see more case study details about the processes involved in building the individual project and a link to the live website

Companies I've
Helped To
Complete Work

Website Updates
London South East
Website Updates
Colchester Zoo
Bespoke Website Design
St James's Auctions
Bespoke Website Design
Bespoke E-Commerce Website Design
Gess Limited
Website Design
Mobile App Development
Pave Clean UK
Website Design
Castle Point Bowls Club
Website Design
Bentley Driveways
Website Design
Dagenham Sunday Market
Website Design
Peters Commodities
Website Design